Jason Blum is without a doubt one of the most successful producers of the past year, thanks to his production company Blumhouse. Tackling franchises such as 'Insidious' and 'The Purge', he saw two of his company's biggest releases - 'Get Out' and 'Split' - impress horror and thriller fans, as well as critics who lauded both with acclaim.

Jason Blum will serve as producer on the new 'Halloween' filmJason Blum will serve as producer on the new 'Halloween' film

Thanks to their reception, the most die-hard of horror fans were excited when they heard that Blumhouse would be rebooting the 'Halloween' franchise, bringing a new film to the series that would see the returns of original star Jamie Lee Curtis, and even original creator John Carpenter getting involved behind-the-scenes.

Despite being understandably busy with that, that hasn't stopped the producer from looking to the future and setting his sights on another classic horror movie franchise.

Speaking with CinePOP, the producer was asked if he'd like to take on any other iconic series, to which he replied: "Besides 'Halloween'? You know, I really wanted to do 'Friday the 13th'. I would love to do that movie. Maybe someday we’ll get do to that one."

It's fair to say that 'Friday The 13th' still has a lot of fans, with a video game released towards the end of 2017, allowing players to take on the role of killer Jason, or one of the camp counsellors he was trying to kill. To-date, the game has taken in the awards for Best Indie Game at the 35th Annual Golden Joystick Awards, and the Player's Choice Best Multiplayer award for IGN's Best of 2017 Awards.

Though Blum has only just put his feelers out for bringing the franchise back to the big screen, it's a great first step. Those with the rights to the 'Friday The 13th' series will likely want to see just how good the reception is to the new 'Halloween' film before they allow Blum free reign on their series, but if his past material is anything to go by, the future's looking very bright indeed.

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We'll bring you more news on Jason Blum's upcoming releases, including the 'Halloween' movie as and when we get it.