This year's 'Halloween' movie looks set to be a return to form for the iconic horror franchise, and producer Jason Blum has promised fans will be happy in a couple of weeks, hinting that we may finally be getting a teaser or complete trailer for the new movie.

Jason Blum promises a surprise for 'Halloween' fans in JuneJason Blum promises a surprise for 'Halloween' fans in June

David Gordon Green sits in the director's chair for the film, having co-written the treatment alongside Danny McBride, and it's been widely reported that many of the sequels that came out after the original 'Halloween' film will be largely ignored, so that a continuation of that very first flick can be given.

Michael Myers is of course the infamous killer from the 'Halloween' series, and he'll be returning alongside the very first potential victim that actually escaped his clutches - Laurie Strode. Jamie Lee Curtis will return to that role, and that's part of why fans are really excited to see the franchise make its comeback.

Taking to Twitter, Blum wrote: "And while I’m twittering as opposed to “tweeting” I want to assure #Halloween fans that we hear you.  We have read your comments.   And I can assure you that early June will be a happy time for you or perhaps I should say for most of you.  xx"

Fans have been complaining about the lack of a trailer ever since it was played at CinemaCon earlier this year. We've still not seen a glimpse of it, but it would seem there's only a matter of weeks to go until all of that changes. No exact date has been given, but it's exciting to know we'll all be getting our first look at Michael, Laurie, and the rest of the 'Halloween' 2018 cast very soon.

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We'll bring you more news surrounding the upcoming 'Halloween' film as and when we get it.