Jason Biggs lied to his wife Jenny Mollen about his past alcohol addiction.

The 45-year-old ‘American Pie’ actor, who married the actress, 44, in 2008, said he would go to therapy while he was still drinking and refill bottles in their home bar to hide the extent of his problem.

He said on Jenny’s ‘All the Fails’ podcast: “I’m going to therapy and ‘working on things’ but meanwhile I’m leaving therapy, having just had a good session, and I’m going to the liquor store and buying a fifth of vodka, drinking it and then driving home.”

When Jenny revealed she was shocked she never noticed Jason’s alcoholism he added: “I knew how to get wasted enough to where I took myself out of the life equation – took myself out of the present, didn’t have to connect in a way that made me feel things.

“I had it figured out to a T – to not get too drunk where I couldn’t have a conversation with you.”

“I was replacing those bottles in the bar all the time.”

Jason previously opened up about his past alcohol and drug addiction in 2018, while celebrating one year sober.

He said in an Instagram message alongside a photo of a silver sobriety coin: “I first tried to get sober over five years ago, when the weight of my obsession with booze and drugs became too heavy for me to handle.”

Jason’s coin had the message: “To thine own self be true”, along with the words: “Unity, service, recovery.”

The dad-of-two, who has sons Sid, 10, and six-year-old Lazlo with Jenny, added it turns out getting sober is “hard”, saying: “After some fits and starts, I’ve managed to put together one year of sobriety. I’m as proud of it as anything in my life.

“If you’re struggling, know there’s help. Don’t be ashamed. We can do this. (Bicep and praying hands emojis.)”