Beware the media revolution – specifically, Netflix shows at the Emmys. Four years after Dr. Horrible (Neil Patrick Harris) predicted the death of traditional media, online shows – that is, programming specifically produced for online distribution – might, for the first time, upstage traditional broadcasts. The contenders are the obvious ones – Arrested Development and House of Cards. The shows are leading contenders for the Best Actor and Best Program nominations – categories, which have up until now been the exclusive domain of broadcast and cable networks.

Jason Bateman, Apple Store SoHo
Are online shows the way of the future?

Regardless of whether the two shows have any chance of winning - which, given their critical and audience reception, seems likely – the mere fact that the two are being considered shows a shift in the paradigm, so to speak. However, it might be that Netflix specifically, and not online content in general, is moving into the mainstream.

The company is currently on a campaign to become a major content producer, on par with the four major networks, instead of just an online rental service. If the Emmy predictions turn out to be true, it will be one step closer to that goal.

Will Arnett, Arrested Development Premiere
Netflix is certainly moving into the mainstream.

The heads of major networks and cable channels seem largely ambivalent towards Netflix’s sudden entry into the world, formerly reserved for traditional broadcast John Landgraf, the chairman of FX said for the New York Times, that the network aggressively pursues Emmy nominations, but he added, “It would be the height of bad sportsmanship to seek to keep a show out because it comes from a different distribution system.”

Kevin Spacey, Webby Awards
Respected actors have long ago begun to move in on "new media"