Starring Jason Bateman, Alexander Skarsgard and Paul Patton, Disconnect is a potentially fascinating story that explores a group of people trying to find communication with each other in a commentary about how technology and reliance on it is making humanity increasingly isolated.

Derek and Cindy are the central characters, and the pair’s involvement with the internet causes a huge break down in their marriage, with him struggling to get over an online gambling addiction, while she is having an affair with someone she met on a social networking site. The trailer released shows them and their family all variously connected to the internet for their own various usages, but, as you might expect, things soon get dark, people start looking frayed and tense, and things go wrong. Other people involved meanwhile include a teenage boy who finds himself the victim of cyber bullying, while a journalist sets out to get an inside scoop on teenagers use of webcams.

The film is directed by Henry Alex Rubin who is known for films like 2005’s Murderball, 1999’s Girl, Interrupted and the 1997 documentary Who Is Henry Jaglom? This could possibly be his best yet, with the director turning his focus on a hugely important issue that is so often overlooked or denied by society – that of man’s addiction to the internet. The film is set for release in the USA in April.