May 26, 2013. An important date for Arrested Development fans, as that’s the date when the new series of the show, starring Jason Bateman and Michael Cera shall be unleashed, exclusively on Netflix. The show’s producers have slowly been drip-feeding tiny bits of advance information through to avid fans of the show, including single-character advertising posters and a brief clip of Buster and Lucille doing what they do best (Lucille taking advantage of her youngest son, basically…)

Whilst the actual plot hasn’t really been given away, what we do know is that each of the 15 episodes is going to feature a different character and all 15 will be available to stream in their entirety, all on the same day. Prepare for an Arrested Development marathon, folks… Originally only ten episodes were ordered, though that was later upped to 15, with a focus on different members of the Bluth family and their associations (some characters will get more than one episode dedicated to them). A recent feature from Entertainment Weekly suggests that it will be rare to see all nine of the central characters together at the same time, though there is one scene in Lucille’s penthouse, which was recreated specifically for the new season.  

Whether or not this new experimental approach to Arrested Development will work and live up to the hype, of course, remains to be seen. There’s every possibility that series creator Mitch Hurwitz has totally lost the plot and we’re all going to be terribly disappointed come the end of May 

Arrested Development
Jason Bateman: All of the show's main cast members have returned for the new series