Actor Jason Alexander has signed on as the new spokesperson for SoupMan - a New York City eatery which famously featured in his hit sitcom Seinfeld.
The funnyman, who played Jerry Seinfeld's best friend George Costanza in the long-running TV show, ate at chef Al Yeganeh's The Original SoupMan restaurant in one of the sitcom's best known episodes.
In the show, Yeganeh is dubbed The Soup Nazi due to his strict rules and Alexander's visit to his restaurant spawns the oft-quoted catchphrase, "No soup for you!"
Now Alexander has proved his real-life love for the cafe by agreeing to serve as the firm's new face.
He tells, "I think it's great coming full circle with Al's soups. I lined up with New Yorkers for years for his amazing creations. Then we had one of the greatest episodes of Seinfeld ever, somewhat at his expense. But now I get to make amends by helping bring his recipes to everyone... Finally, I get to say 'Soup for you! Soup for everyone!'"
Yeganeh no longer works at the famous hotspot, which has become a nationwide franchise with products sold online and in supermarkets.