Singer Jarvis Cocker has travelled to the Arctic Circle in his new role as a Greenpeace ambassador - and was moved to tears at the region's majestic landscape.
The Pulp frontman has signed up as the face of the environmental campaign group's Save the Arctic drive, which aims to curb oil drilling operations on the ice cap.
He has joined Greenpeace officials on a fact-finding journey to the Arctic, and admits he welled up with emotion when he realised the effect man's activities could have on the area.
Cocker tells The Observer Magazine, "I was up on the deck and I wanted to start crying. I can't say why - it was perhaps because there was a spectacular type of landscape, and also that thing where there's no sign of people - and that's how it should be.
"Now you might comment: 'Well, that's all right for you to say, because you went there and you saw it.' But the point was that there are these forces, like these glaciers moving rocks and stuff over millions of years, and there's a process going on and we really shouldn't be f**king around with that. We don't understand it."