Jarvis Cocker managed to ''catch the zeitgeist'' by accident with his new track.

The 56-year-old star admits it's purely a coincidence that his isolation anthem 'House Music All Night Long' was released around the start of the coronavirus lockdown, saying it's ''not really something to be that happy about''.

He explained: ''It's been really weird that, you know.

''Emma, who plays the violin in the band, a friend of hers caught the virus quite early on and had to self-isolate, and she said, 'The lyrics seemed really pertinent to what I was going through'.

''But the song was written two years ago, so it's just one of those spooky coincidences. I'm not a clairvoyant, and I'm not going to go into business giving readings or trying to see into the future.

''When you're a songwriter, you're always kind of hoping that you're going to catch the zeitgeist or whatever, write something that kind of chimes with people's actual real experience.

''But in this case, it's not really something to be that happy about, is it?''

Some of the lyrics of the song include: ''Saturday night cabin fever, in house nation / This is one nation under a roof.''

Reflecting on the last few months, Jarvis has predicted the pandemic will cause people to reevaluate their lifestyles.

He told the BBC: ''Before this virus hit, people were almost in lockdown anyway.

''Now, as soon as the ability to hang out with each other was taken away, I think people sort of realised, 'Wow, human contact is important', and in some ways is what makes life fun and interesting.

''So I think that realisation will stay with people.''