Jarvis Cocker has apparently been taking a note out of Justin Bieber's book, by announcing his year-long hiatus from his popular radio show Jarvis Cocker's Sunday Service. In a recent sit-down with the Radio Times, the Pulp frontman said that he has decided to take a year off so he can return to 6 Music "stronger and more vigorous."

Jarvis Cocker
Cocker is a firm favourite with 6 Music listeners

Jarvis Cocker's Sunday Service has become a firm favourite with 6 Music listeners since it debuted back in 2010 and his announcement will no doubt come as a disappointment to some, however Cocker insists that his break from the weekly show will only be temporary and that he will be making his voice heard on the station from time to time over the next twelve months. Still, 2014 will be a quiet year as far as Cocker is concerned, as he plans on concentrating on his personal life and other professional commitments.

"Crop Rotation has long been recognized as a way of preserving the fertility of the soil," Cocker told RT. "Every now and again a field has to be left fallow for a year in order to make sure it has time to recover. In 2014 I will be that field. T'is done with the firm conviction that it will lead to a stronger and more vigorous Sunday Service when I return to 6 Music's pastures."

Pulp Live
The Pulp frontman will concentrate on other interests over the next few months

"Oh yes - and of course I'll keep popping up on 6 Music from time to time just to make sure that you haven't forgotten me. We wouldn't want that would we? Just call me the 'Turnip Townshend of the Airwaves,'" the whimsical Pulp frontman continued. His Sunday Service will meanwhile be hosted by a string of guest presenters, with poet John Cooper Clarke hosting through January and The Specials frontman Terry Hall throughout February.

Cocker didn't mention what he will exactly be up to over the course of 2014, so for all we know there could be some new solo material or maybe even a return from Pulp (although that seems very unlikely) over the course of the next twelve months. Away from music, Cocker will also be taking up the position as Editor-at-Large at book publishers Faber and Faber later this year, for the chronicle of British folk clubs titled Singing from the Floor by JP Bean. The book will be published in April 2014.

Jarvis Cocker Mayfair
We probably won't see any new Pulp, sadly