Jarvis Cocker only wears tight-fitting underpants.

The Pulp star refuses to wear baggy boxer shorts as he hates the lack of support they offer.

He said: "I'm wearing American Apparel Y-fronts. Not boxers. I find that boxers provide insufficient support."

Underwear is not the only item of clothing Jarvis has strong feelings about.

The 47-year-old singer also hates donning swimming trunks and other beachwear as his 6ft 2in height makes it difficult for him to look stylish.

He explained: "I've been known to wear swimming trunks. But only when I'm swimming. You won't find me sauntering around a beach in a pair of trunks. I'd look totally ridiculous and people would laugh at me. It's good to know your limits. Swimming trunks might work for the George Michaels of the world, but they don't work for me.

"It's easy to make sartorial mistakes when the weather gets hot. I've tried walking around in shorts, but it's not a good look on me. In a pair of shorts I resemble a very large grasshopper. I prefer a nice pair of long canvas trousers, a shirt and sandals."