Jarvis Cocker has ''expressed interest'' in starring in a musical.

The 56-year-old musician is seemingly keen to appear in a musical adapted from a dystopian-fantasy novel from the 60s, according to singer Jolie Holland, who has shared the news via her Instagram account.

Jolie wrote on the photo-sharing platform: ''Every Monday I release a new song at Patreon.com/JolieHolland, whether it's a cover, an original or a new version of one of my songs. This week, I'm sharing a recording from my notes, elements of a musical I'm writing. Lord knows when musicals will happen in this country again. For now, we have Patreon.

''Jarvis Cocker expressed interest in being the male lead, which is very exciting. As I continue to write these songs, I am imagining a part for Patty Smith. Hopefully soon my Patreon will be robust enough that I can afford to go back to working on the songs! The musical overall is an adaptation of a dystopian/fantasy novel from the 1960s. (sic)''

Meanwhile, Jarvis recently admitted to being too intense early in his career.

The music star became a figurehead of the Britpop era in the mid-90s as part of Pulp, and Jarvis conceded that he's benefited from adopting a more ''casual'' approach to his work.

He reflected: ''It's kind of like if you really want someone to date you.

''If you're kind of really serious about it, and hang around outside their house, you probably will get a restraining order put on you.''

Jarvis was desperate for success during his early years in the music business.

But over time, he's learned to be more relaxed in his approach.

He said: ''It's not the way. You need to be a bit more casual about it. It took me a long time to learn that.''