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By The Sea Festival - Dreamland, Margate, Kent 30th September/1st October 2016

On the South East coast of England, in the once resplendent seaside resort of Margate, By The Sea Festival took up residency in the re-imagined heritage pleasure park, Dreamland. After the success of Foals and Hot Chip in its inaugural year By The Sea returned to a resurgent Margate to blend the established with the up and coming in an environment like no other. Amongst the helter skelter, big wheel, carousels and coasters the various artists took to the stages (and decks) in the wonderfully evocative Roller Disco, down at the dodgems or in the newly restored Hall By The Sea. With Kiss Me Quick cocktails and enough locally brewed cider to entice The Wurzels the amassed throngs were in for a very entertaining weekend.

By The Sea Festival - Dreamland, Margate, Kent 30th September/1st October 2016

Wild Beasts ("They're so f'ing sexy"-Blaine Harrison, Mystery Jets) got off to a cracking start in the Hall By The Sea with a pumped up version of 'Big Cat' and an impromptu birthday celebration for "ideosynchratic drummer" Chris Talbot before launching into a sizemic, shape shifting and floor shaking rendition of 'He The Colossus' and a wonderful working of 'Wanderlust'. The Kendal foursome sounded on top of their game, channelling circa '82 Simple Minds, ahead of their upcoming live set on 6Music.

In the shabby chic surroundings of the kitsch come cool Roller Disco, Mystery Jets got joyously playful with 'Flash A Hungry Smile'. After the initial grief imparted in 'Telomere' they ramped up the tempo and asked the assembled masses, "do you feel like dancing?" A blinding rendition of their single, 'Bubblegum', ensued. Taken from the band's latest album, 'Curve Of The Earth', it easily got the biggest interaction of the night so far. The Middlesex quartet followed up with another crowd pleaser, 'Young Love', and quite bizarrely another birthday shout-out, this time for Gary who did all of the MJ's art work! With apparently "too many tracks for just one album this year" the band took to a highlight off their new 5 track E.P, 'The Whole Earth', 'The World Is Overtaking Me' sounded spectacular, with front man Blaine and his three cohorts synched in tight unison, delivering a belting track replete with (Tubeway Army era) Numan esc keyboard loop, they sounded awesome; full of passion and presence as well as full of love for their fellow performers, especially The Big Moon, Wild Beasts and Meilyr Jones (at one time late on in his set striking a quick Bowie pose whilst teasing us with an all too brief classic Bowie riff) Mystery Jets pitched it perfectly in the Roller Disco with a short, sharp very entertaining set that left you just aching for a little more.

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Q Awards: Are Muse Really The Best Act In The World Today?

Muse Blur Jarvis Cocker Noel Gallagher Adele Stone Roses

The answer, of course, is no. But it's that time of year again folks: the Q Magazine Awards! Muse picked up the biggest gong at the event in London on Monday afternoon (October 22, 2012) known for rewarding middle-of-the-road and aging rock acts with offensively generic prizes such as one that now sits proudly on Matt Bellamy's mantelpiece.

Though Blur have been excellent in the handful of shows they've played since reforming, were they really befitting of best live act? Saying that, they were going up against The Stones Roses in a farce of a category. Dance act Underworld received the 'Innovation in Sound' award - whatever that is - while Jarvis Cocker picked up the 'Inspiration Award.' Q magazine editor Andrew Harrison told the BBC, "Our bands and our anthems transformed the Olympics... and amazing comeback shows from Blur and the Stone Roses showed the enduring appeal of our best-loved musicians." Hmm, ok Andrew, but what about the new British acts? Well, Emile Sande won best solo artist in another bizarre category featuring Noel Gallagher and Adele, while American soul star Bobby Womack won best album for 'The Bravest Man in the Universe.'

Elsewhere, Dexys Midnight Runners took home the Q Icon Award, Johnny Marr won Q Hero, and The Cribs won the 'Spirit of Independence Award.' Anyone hazard a guess at who won the Q 'Idol' award? Clue: frontman of The Killers. Sigh.

I Love The Beatles But It’s Time To Move On: Jarvis Cocker Reviews John Lennon Letters Book

John Lennon Beatles Jarvis Cocker

Jarvis Cocker has reviewed the latest book to be have been published about The Beatles. 'The John Lennon Letters', edited by Hunter Davies, is a collection of missives from the late Beatles’ songwriter, dating from between 1951 and 1980. Cocker questions the real value in these pop history artefacts, drawing attention to the fact that the source material was largely sourced from private collections; from people who have paid vast sums of money to own a piece of Lennon’s personal history and the former Pulp singer asks whether the books say more about the culture of collecting pop memorabilia than the words of the letters can ever say themselves.

“I love the Beatles. I haven't named any kids after them but I still really love them,” says Cocker and he painfully recalls the way in which the ‘Britpop’ era was damaged by that very nostalgia that permeates collections such as this. “Wearing the same clothes and taking the same drugs will not make us into Beatles. It will make us fat and ill. And books like this (along with many others, I admit) are what make that mistake possible. The Beatles didn't know they were the Beatles. The Beatles didn't have a plan or a blueprint to follow. They followed their impulses and vague hunches and somehow left a legacy of 213 songs with scarcely a dud among them. That's all the information you need, really.”

In essence, Cocker describes the hoarde of surviving Beatles fans as “the children of the echo” and suggests that we should all “get a life” and “move on,” rather than obsessing over trivia such as is contained herein.

Lemmy Review

'Lemmy' is the biographical documentary film of one Ian Kilmister, legendary rock'n'roller and leader of Motorhead. Apparently 2 years in the making the film runs the whole gamut charting his early days in North Wales, hitchhiking to The Cavern to see The Beatles through to moving to London to roadie for Jimi Hendrix. From then he joined Hawkwind and later went on to form Motorhead and concludes with Lemmy in his current abode in Los Angeles where he now resides and has done for several years.

Despite making some of the most uncompromising music of the last 30 years, Motorhead for some strange reason, cross all boundaries. This is undoubtedly down to the enduring appeal of Lemmy - a man who's stuck to his guns and done things on his own terms to the point where he has just ended up being accepted.

Which gives credence to the fact that If you spend long enough doing something and which such conviction, people will eventually come round to your way of thinking. As a rock 'n' roll icon his influence has touched almost everyone who is anyone and the most surprising thing of all about this documentary is the sheer breadth of people who have fallen under his influence. The usual rock crowd is to be expected. Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, Dee Snider (Twisted Sister), Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, Nirvana), Metallica etc but its appearances of others such as Jarvis Cocker, Peter Hook (Joy Division), Mick Jones (The Clash), Marky Ramone (The Ramones) and Billy Bob Thornton that most surprise.

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Jarvis Cocker, The Troxy, Limehouse Live Review

Review of Jarvis Cocker live at The Troxy on 17th June 2009.

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Jarvis Cocker, Angela Single Review

Review of Jarvis Cocker's single Angela

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Lemmy Movie Review

Lemmy Movie Review

'Lemmy' is the biographical documentary film of one Ian Kilmister, legendary rock'n'roller and leader of...