Suicide Squad actress Viola Davis has recalled her on-set introduction to co-star Jared Leto and it’s enough to make you gag. The actress stars opposite Leto in the upcoming supervillan movie and says the actor really committed to his role and had some ‘horrific’ gifts for his fellow cast members.

Jared LetoViola Davis and the cast of Suicide Squad got a gag-worthy gift from co-star Jared Leto.

“The Joker, he did some bad things, Jared Leto did,” Davis told Vanity Fair. “He gave some really horrific gifts. “He had a henchman who would come into the rehearsal room and the henchman came in with a dead pig and plopped it on the table and then he walked out and that was our introduction into Jared Leto.”

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“Now I’m terrified, just as a person, thinking, ’Is he crazy?’ but the second part was, ‘Oh, s—t! I’ve got to have my stuff together you talk about commitment!” In the film, 50-year-old Davis plays a government official who brings the cast of villains together for a series of dangerous black ops missions.

Davis also said that Leto gave co-star Margot Robbie, who plays Harley Quinn, a black rat during filming. “It was still alive in a box,” Davis said. “She screamed and then she kept it.”

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Back in July Robbie had also spoken of her unexpected gift from Leto to Elle magazine, revealing that she’d named the pet ‘Rat Rat’. Robbie told the magazine that she decided to keep the rat because "If Harley (her ‘Suicide Squad’ character) got something from Joker, she'd probably cherish it,” adding that Rat Rat now dines on organic berries from Whole Foods.

Watch the trailer for Suicide Squad below: