Jared Leto has slammed reports his on-screen kiss with Alexander co-star Colin Farrell was edited out of the biopic - insisting the homosexual act was never part of the script.

The blockbuster alludes to a gay relationship between Farrell's ALEXANDER THE GREAT and Leto's character HEPHAISTION, but audience members never see a kiss between the two hunks.

Leto says, "Me and Colin kissing - that's bulls**t! You think Oliver Stone is going to cut something out of a movie because it's too controversial?

"If you have two people banging or kissing on screen that's all people would talk about. How great would it be if they were talking about the pure love?

"I'm sure if we did do it, it would be the f**kfest of the century, but I would rather have the audience pay attention to their lover."

14/01/2005 14:08