Jared Leto is convinced the people of Haiti will unite to rebuild the earthquake-ravaged nation - after witnessing their "survivor" spirit during his childhood years there.
The 30 Seconds to Mars frontman moved to the Caribbean country when he was 12 while his mum helped operate two medical clinics there.
Leto admits he doesn't usually publicly discuss his background, but he was moved to open up about his life in Haiti after the nation was rocked by a massive tremor last week (12Jan10).
He tells E! Online, "I tend to keep my life stories to myself. You've got to keep some things for yourself. You can't give everything away. (But) it was a magical time. Could you imagine being a kid in such an exotic place? It was eye-opening. It was a life-changing experience."
And what he remembers most about Haiti is the people: "They have such a strong spirit and a wonderful culture and joy even in the midst of all the struggles they have gone through. The Haitian people are resilient people and they're survivors."
Leto's band is currently auctioning off concert tickets, backstage passes and a dinner date with the rockers on auction website eBay.com, with proceeds funding the Haiti relief effort.