Jared Leto doesn't get offered sex by groupies.

The 30 Seconds to Mars frontman claims female fans of his band are more interested in giving him and his bandmates - Tomo Milicevic and brother Shannon Leto - gifts or poems than a night of wild passion.

He said: "People are more likely to come up to us with artwork or poems or they've made you something like a bracelet rather than the other thing (sex). But our music never dictated that. We didn't get into a band to party and get chicks."

Although his rock band hasn't provided him with an endless stream of girls, Jared - who has also starred in a host of Hollywood movies, including 'Fight Club' - insists he hasn't struggled with the opposite sex.

He added to Britain's Elle magazine: "The music hasn't been a throughway to that (sex). But fortunately that hasn't been an area that's been lacking!"