30 Seconds to Mars fans must go through a secret "initiation process" to join their fan club.

Actor-turned-rocker Jared Leto has revealed followers have to take part in a mysterious ceremony to prove their loyalty to the band - also consisting of Tomo Milicevic and Shannon Leto.

When asked about the group's fan club by Radio 1 DJ Fearne Cotton, Jared said: "That's something we have to be very careful about. It's a very complex thing. There's an initiation process and everything.

"In fact, it's probably best we only speak about this off-air."

Although he wouldn't discuss the club in detail, the 38-year-old musician thinks it's fantastic to have such dedicated supporters.

He said: "It's an amazing thing, the passion. It's always been a source of inspiration to us."

The guitar-playing heartthrob has also admitted he wouldn't rule out dating a fan.

When an admirer asked to marry him on-air, Jared replied: "Well, probably. But I'm quite demanding!"

The singer is also impressed when his fans get their bodies tattooed in tribute to the band.

He said: "Well, we appreciate that and it is definitely one of the ultimate signs of love and appreciation."