Review of Post Nothing Album by Japandroids

Review of Japandroids album Post Nothing

Japandroids Post Nothing Album

The cover screams garage rock, and this Canadian duo is well known for professing their love for bands like The Sonics to anyone who'll listen. But there's more to this band than meets the eye. It's fairly obvious from the opening track 'The Boys are Leaving Town' that whilst their concerns are very much traditional (girls, no girls, partying), musically speaking the Japandroids ambitions much loftier. Scuzzy whiffs of noise shoegaze hang around Post Nothing like a layer of sonic mist - apparently the worst thing you can do is call them minimal because they want to sound 'maximal. A two piece band trying to be a five piece.'

So this rather odd combination of avant-garde style and heart-on-the-sleeve attitude makes Japandroids a unique and compelling proposition. Not pretentious enough to be art-rock and way more intelligent than your average guitar band; Post Nothing has plenty of tunes about misspent youth and losing love that actually pack a little punch. You can eat your heart out to the album without ever feeling like you were force-fed saccharine. Most of the tracks arrive in an intoxicating haze of energy, lament and alcohol but one of the most memorable is the brilliantly titled 'I Quit Girls.' Droning along quite unhappily something tells you that declaration is a bare-faced lie. In fact, Japandroids are probably out the back door of some venue chatting up your girlfriend as we speak.

Natalie Kaye

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