Former supermodel Janice Dickinson is convinced there is no such thing as "too much" cosmetic surgery - even though she's banned her 16-year-old daughter from ever going under the knife.
The one-time America's Next Top Model judge is an outspoken advocate for cosmetic overhauls, and regularly boasts of her reliance on Botox injections to banish wrinkles.
The feisty star is now considering more procedures for herself.
She tells Britain's Closer magazine, "There's no such thing as too much. Whatever it takes to make an individual feel better, I'm all for it. After I had (my son) Nathan my t**s looked like pancakes, so I opted for a boob job. I had the smallest inserts and went up to an A cup. I was like a guy and after I had the inserts, for the first time in my life, I was able to fit into a bra. Then in my 40s I signed up for Botox and now have it every six months.
"My advisors say I should get rid of the neck - you can have an incision in the back of the neck that will tighten it up. Am I considering it? Always. I'm going to be the best looking corpse on the planet."
But DICkinson is determined not to let her teenage daughter Savannah undergo surgery to boost her own looks.
She says, "She's (daughter Savannah) is 16, come on. She's beautiful and she knows she can go to yoga with me when she wants to, but the answer to surgery is no.
"I live for my children. People say lots of nasty things about me but I'm the most normal, protective mum on the planet."