Janice Dickinson - the self-proclaimed 'world's first supermodel' - is to marry Dr Robert Gerner after three months of dating. Dickinson, 57, shared the good news with US Weekly magazine, saying, "I intend to make Rocky the happiest man in the world for the rest of his life."

We don't know too much about Dr Gerner - nobody does - though he reportedly popped the question during a car ride to Los Angeles where he was due to give a press conference. Nice.  "I couldn't be happier right now," explained the former America's Next Top Model judge, "Oh! And our wedding is going to make Brad and Angelina's look like a trip to city hall!" she added. The unlikely couple met through Gerner's real estate agent son and recently bought a home together, throwing a joint housewarming and engagement party on Saturday (December 15, 2012). "It was love at first sight!" Dickinson said of meeting Gerner, "My children, Nathan and Savvy, are over the moon and so happy their mother is so in love." Garner seemed similarly infatuated, "I had a great time last night and all my friends did too. We complete each other - our personalities really compliment each other."

Dickinson has been married three times before, first to musician and composer Ron Levy in the late 1970s. Next, she tied the knot with film producer Simon Fields in 1987 and had a son Nathan before they divorced. Two years later, she wed Albert B. Gersten but they split after just one year.