Celebrity Big Brother’ viewers were left shocked last night, as Channel 5 bosses decided to air scenes showing former supermodel Janice Dickinson suffering a seizure, following an allergic reaction to a insect sting. The 60 year old was shown fitting in the Diary Room before being attended to by medics and taken to hospital.

Janice DIckinsonJanice Dickinson had a severe allergic reaction on last night’s ‘CBB’.

Dickinson entered the Diary Room holding her hand up to the camera and telling Big Brother, “I need an EpiPen, an EpiPen right away,” showing her severely swollen fingers. The former model then turned her hand to the camera to show the colour difference and shouted, “They’re turning black! It is going up my hand. I don't want it to reach my heart.”

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Dickinson was then shown suffering a seizure where she fell to the floor and began shaking violently. She was then attended to by medics before temporarily leaving the house to be taken to the hospital. Host Emma Willis then assured viewers that Dickinson was now ok after recieving medical attention.

Following her hospital stay Dickinson returned to the house and told her fellow contestants, "I want to thank the amazing, generous doctors for helping me. I'm ready to go back into the house now. I want to make everyone feel safe and at ease.”

But some viewers were outraged by Channel 5's decision to air the footage of Dickinson in the Diary Room, finding it exploitative. ‘Did anyone else see that on #CBB? How disgusting that they showed Janice having a fit. No need for that. What is privacy??’ one viewer tweeted.

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Another watcher wrote, ‘Absolutely disgusted in Big Brother tonight showing Janice have a fit. Did not need to show that for public viewing.’ Speaking to the Huffington Post, a Channel 5 spokesperson commented, ”Janice left the house briefly for medical attention and returned to the house shortly afterwards. We don't comment any further as the medical conditions of housemates are confidential.”