Former Bond girl Jane Seymour took on the role of roadie when her 15-year-old son went on tour with his rock band.
The Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman beauty decided to go on the road with her son Johnny and his three bandmates, after fearing for their safety without parental supervision.
She explains, "Earlier in the summer they toured Britain and Ireland and I was his 'moadie' - a mother-roadie. Someone needed to be there to make sure he and the other three band members woke up on time and remembered to eat properly and drink lots of water.
"When we were staying in London during the band's tour I suggested he order a wake-up call from the hotel. I said to him, 'You've got to learn how to do those things.' But what did he do? He requested the wake-up call and then left the phone off the hook! That's why he needs a moadie."