British actress Jane Seymour refuses to pay extravagant prices for designer dresses - because she'd rather wear cheap versions of posh frocks on the red carpet.
The former Bond girl has no qualms about donning cheap copies of expensive gowns and admits she often fools fashion experts into believing she's wearing the real thing.
She tells The Lady, "The dress I'm wearing right now is from one of the least expensive labels in America today. They copy (French designer) Roland Mouret.
"I laugh because at red-carpet events I'm often in the dupe version of a dress while Michelle Pfeiffer is in the original. Mine will be 10 times less expensive but I'll still make the best-dressed lists."
Seymour insists she's always had an eye for style, adding, "I used to design and make all my own clothes. When I was growing up there was a fashion for see-through blouses. I was never comfortable with showing off everything like some so I embroidered my blouses with images of the British Great Tit (bird) on the critical areas!"