Jane Seymour thought she'd be "fired" from 'Live and Let Die' because of her different coloured eyes.

The 73-year-old actress shot to fame as Solitaire in the 1973 James Bond movie but she revealed she had an operation before filming because she was worried about losing her job as a result of her unconventional appearance.

During an appearance on ‘The Tamron Hall Show’, she said: “When I was cast as a James Bond girl, I had two different colored eyes, so I was going to be, you know, fired.

“I was fired from my first job for having two different colored eyes. I have a green eye and a brown eye. That’s supposed to be wrong.”

Jane also confessed to having had a boob job but made sure it was subtle, even though it required getting implants on "special order".

She said: “I did have apparently the smallest breasts that you could possibly buy. They didn't actually exist. They were on special order.”

The ‘Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman’ star emphasised she shouldn’t need to feel ashamed for undergoing her surgeries.

She explained: “I think everyone should do whatever they want. Ok? I'm an actress.”

But Jane isn't interested in having a facelift and has come up with a trick to look younger than her years.

She said: "Now if I want to look younger, I put bangs…that’s my secret weapon. Nothing permanent."

The '80 for Brady' star also revealed how she met her "extraordinary" boyfriend John Zambretti.

She said: "I was very, very single. And a girlfriend said, 'You must come out with me,' and I went, 'Look, I'm 73, I don't think I'm going out or doing anything. I'm done with guys, it’s not happening.' "

But during their night out at a Malibu club, "this guy walks past" and it sparked a connection.

She said: "The next thing I know, a mutual friend of ours, who's a rapper called Shwayze, calls and says, 'Hey, I'm performing there next week. Do you want to come? I've got someone I want you to meet.'

"So I go, and Shwayze does his thing, and I'm there with Shwayze’s grandmother, and this guy says, 'I think we're supposed to meet.' And I looked at him and went, 'Yes, we are.' That's the answer, right? I was told I was supposed to meet someone."