Actress Jane Seymour insists she's living proof that people who give back to society are rewarded with good fortune - she credits one act of kindness for her career as a celebrated artist.
The former Bond girl admits she took her mother's advice and gave the last of a lost fortune to a child abuse charity in return for a portrait of her kids - and she's convinced the decision completely changed her life.
The former Dr Quinn Medicine Woman star tells WENN, "About 20 years ago I went through a terrible divorce and whilst I was getting divorced it was at the height of my career, so I knew I'd made lots of money and thought I was safe and everything was fine. Then I found out that everything had been lost and I was in terrible financial straits.
"I lost everything - my home, my marriage; I lost my sanity pretty much. I took my mum's advice which was to give back and be of service to others when I was basically hurting big time myself. Out of that came art.
"I gave the last money I had to a child abuse agency fundraiser. It was a silent auction item that this artist would come to your house and do a drawing of your kids. This artist came to my house and saw these finger paintings I'd done and asked if I was an artist and of course I hadn't painted in years. He offered to give me some free art lessons when he heard my story, and now I have a thriving art career.
"I do 14 one-woman art shows a year and I'm all over the country (America) and in Canada."