Jane Seymour is still ''very sad'' about her split from JAMES KEACH.

The 64-year-old actress and her fourth husband divorced in 2013, and she still regrets the fact their marriage is over, though they have remained on good terms for the sake of their 19-year-old twin sons John and Kristopher.

Speaking to Woman magazine, she said: ''I still get very sad about it - but he made the choice, not me.

''We are still friendly and co-parent our twin boys.''

Despite her sadness, Jane - who also has children Katherine and Sean with third husband David Flynn - has found love again with old friend David Green.

She explained: ''[My new man] is called David Green and I first met him 35 years ago. He runs a company called September Films. We're in the same place in our lives and we enjoy our time together.''

The 'Live and Let Die' star turned her hand to painting to help fill the time and distract her mind when she split from her third husband David in 1992.

She explained: ''I didn't start [painting] properly until I was 40. I was going through a terrible divorce. I ended up giving my last money at a charity auction, where I bid to have my kids drawn, and then the artist offered my free lessons.

''It's become really therapeutic for me.''