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29th March 2017

Fact: Disney executives have revealed the release date and title for the sequel to 2012’s Wreck-It Ralph. Sharing the news with an online teaser trailer, the follow-up to the smash hit animation will be called Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2. The movie is expected to hit cinemas on 9 March next year (18), and will feature a returning voice cast including Sarah Silverman, John C. Reilly and Jane Lynch.

1st December 2015

Quote: "I would love to do something crazy on one of those shows. I think it would be great." Jane Lynch is keen to reteam with Glee creator Ryan Murphy on his hit TV anthology series American Horror Story.

10th June 2015

Quote: "The first day we shot, I was wearing a (rock n' roll) outfit and I'm thinking I look pretty cool, I'm playing a rock star in New York City. I'm on the street and I did my first shot and I'm walking away and a lady walks up like, 'Oh my God, can I take a picture with you?' and I go, 'Yeah,' and she goes 'Oh my God, I love you...! I love Glee and you're my favourite character.' Day one as a rock star I get Jane Lynch." Actor Denis Leary was mistaken for actress JANE LYNCH while filming new TV series SEX&DRUGS&ROCK&ROLL.

10th January 2015

Quote: "That's an urban myth... I would have loved that audition. At that time in my life I wasn't getting that level of audition, that's for sure! She (Lisa Kudrow) got the role (as Roz) on Frasier and was fired, and then Lisa, they cast in Friends, and then I mean, come on, that was the role of a lifetime." Glee star Jane Lynch dismisses rumours she was up for the role of Phoebe in Friends.

1st September 2014

Tweet: "Sending love, love and more love to Joan. @Joan_Rivers". Glee star Jane Lynch is praying for the veteran funnywoman as she continues to fight for her life following a major health scare last week (28Aug14).

27th June 2014

Quote: "I'm not even pretending to be a fan... I have no interest in sports... I'm from Chicago; I used to be a big baseball fan, football fan, basketball fan, and then I moved out here (to Los Angeles) and I don't give a (f**k) anymore." Glee star Jane Lynch has been ignoring the World Cup soccer tournament and the early success of the U.S. men's soccer team, which has made it through to the knock out stage of the tournament.

5th March 2014

Quote: "When your one job, John Travolta, is to pronounce a woman's name correctly... I felt so badly for him and I felt badly for Idina Menzel, is how you pronounce it. No one pronounces her name right and she's so talented. That was a cringeworthy moment." Jane Lynch felt awful watching Travolta mess up her Glee co-star's name at the Oscars.

17th February 2014

Quote: "I know what it is to feel like you can't be open and honest about your orientation. Good for her!" Openly gay comedienne Jane Lynch salutes actress Ellen Page after the Juno star 'came out' as a lesbian during an emotional speech at the Human Rights Campaign's Time To Thrive conference in Las Vegas on Friday (14Feb14).

26th December 2013

Quote: "We used to have MCDonald's every Christmas Eve and I remember opening the bag and (taking in the smell of) the fries." Glee star Jane Lynch has fond memories of junk food treats at Christmas.

19th December 2013

Fact: Glee star Jane Lynch has been tapped to host the upcoming 66th annual Directors Guild of America Awards on 25 January (14) in Los Angeles. She previously hosted the 2011 Primetime Emmy Awards and is currently the emcee for U.S. Tv series Hollywood Game Night.

9th October 2013

Fact: Wilmer Valderrama and Jane Lynch's new animated series Murder Police has been pulled from Tv network Fox's programming slate. The police-centred cartoon, which includes characters voiced by the stars, had been picked up for a 13-episode run, but, after viewing early cuts of the show, Tv executives were reportedly displeased with the direction the show was headed, and they are now shopping it to cable networks, according to TvGuide.com.

26th September 2013

Quote: "I was obsessed with Grease and I loved John Travolta... I loved John Travolta so much that I drew pictures of him... I knew every plain of his face, I knew the dimple in the chin and the light eyes with the dark lashes... but I think what it is is I wanted to be him. I didn't wanna make out with him... I thought he was just the coolest dude in the world." Actress Jane Lynch on her childhood John Travolta obsession.

25th September 2013

Quote: "I had a big lesbo crush on her and I named my dog after her... It was my crush for her that kind of put me over the top, if you will. I told her and she wasn't freaked out by the lesbo crush thing; she embraced it and thought it was really cute." Actress Jane Lynch realised she was a lesbian after falling in love with Olivia Newton-John, and was thrilled when she got to work with her idol on Glee.

6th September 2013

Quote: "Both of my parents have passed so I'm wearing my mother's wedding ring so she was there and I have my dad's watch in my back pocket." Glee star Jane Lynch made sure her late mum and dad were present in spirit as she unveiled her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Wednesday (04Sep13).

22nd August 2013

Tweet: "Just read Cory Monteith memorial episode. Most beautiful thing. Thank you, (Glee Co-creators) Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, Ian Brennan." Glee star Jane Lynch is moved after reading the script for an upcoming tribute episode for tragic castmember Cory Monteith.

26th July 2013

Quote: "It's still really sad but it was beautiful. (It was) nice to all be together again." Jane Lynch on reuniting with her Glee castmates to remember tragic actor Cory Monteith on Thursday (25Jul13). The star died on 13 July (13) after a drink and drugs binge.

23rd July 2013

Fact: Jane Lynch reunited with her estranged wife Lara Embry for lunch on Monday (22Jul13), just over a week after the Glee star filed for divorce to end their three-year marriage. The actress recently insisted the former couple would remain friends for the sake of her ex's young daughter, Haden.

16th May 2013

Quote: "It's one of those preposterous fantasies I thought would never come true, but when I was asked, I said, 'No.' But then I realised I was just scared to death." Actress Jane Lynch initially turned down an offer to make her Broadway debut in a revival of the hit musical Annie because of stage fright.

15th April 2013

Fact: Glee and Annie will crossover for actress Jane Lynch later this month (Apr13) when she performs Annie tune Little Girls on her hit Tv show. Lynch will play Miss Hannigan in Broadway's Annie this summer (13).

5th December 2012

Quote: "She's a wonderful cook. She cooks all the time which is why I've been able to lose a little weight the last couple of years. Eating real food - good ingredients - and eating in. I was single for a long time and I'm not a cook, so I ate out all the time." Glee star Jane Lynch has dropped 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms) thanks to her wife Lara Embry's home cooking.

1st December 2012

Fact: Jane Lynch, Boy George, Mika, artist David Hockney, actor Simon Callow and Sir Elton John have been named among gay magazine Out's 100 Most Compelling People of the Year.

28th June 2012

Tweet: "My sister Julie and me (went to the) Cubs game. I sang Take Me Out To The Ball Game at 7th inning stretch. Honor of a lifetime!" Glee star Jane Lynch showed off her singing skills as the New York Mets baseball team took on the Chicago Cubs on Wednesday (27Jun12).

26th June 2012

Quote: "We were doing a scene in Glee, and I let some gas fly. I blamed it on an extra... I texted Matt Morrison after I got home and said it was me." Jane Lynch comes clean about an embarrassing moment on the Glee set.

17th May 2012

Quote: "It would have to be a coffee fragrance." Glee star Jane Lynch jokes about her signature scent. The actress hosts the fragrance industry's Fifi Awards on Monday (21May12).

22nd November 2011

Tweet: "My sweet kitty Greta took her leave from us. We loved her so. Kiss your own kitties and pups right now." Glee star Jane Lynch is mourning the loss of her tabby cat, Greta.

28th October 2011

Quote: "The name of the skit was The Liaison and we had to change the name of it... because they couldn't pronounce 'liaison'." Glee star Jane Lynch found the cast of Jersey Shore lost for words during their Emmy Awards skit.

21st September 2011

Quote: "I'm an Irish storyteller deep down inside and I love listening to stories and they're all heroes' journeys in Aa - people say, 'I started out this way, it got really, really bad... and then I had this breakthrough and I came out the other side. They're the best stories." Actress Jane Lynch loves Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. She has been sober for almost 20 years.

19th September 2011

Fact: Primetime Emmy Awards presenter Jane Lynch was backed by a star-studded chorus group, known as the EmmyTones, throughout the three-hour ceremony. The group comprised of Chuck star Zachary Levi, How I Met Your Mother's Cobie Smulders, Oscar-nominee Taraji P. Henson, The Office's Kate Flannery, actor Wilmer Valderrama, and Community's Joel McHale.

13th September 2011

Quote: "He's one of the nicest guys and a true leader on that set. He's going through his stuff now, but there's a really solid, wonderful person in there, and I love him very much." Jane Lynch on her embattled former Two And A Half Men co-star Charlie Sheen.

31st August 2011

Quote: "I loved Halloween, because I could dress up as a guy - I was a hobo, a pirate, a ghost who wore a tie." Gay actress Jane Lynch relished the spooky event as a child as it allowed her to live out her dreams of being a boy.

14th July 2011

Quote: "It's my birthday. I'm having a triple header." Jane Lynch is celebrating her Emmy Awards nomination on her 41st birthday (14Jul11).

17th June 2011

Fact: Gwyneth Paltrow made a surprise guest appearance at Glee's concert tour stop in New Jersey on Thursday (16Jun11) to perform her now famous cover of Cee-Lo Green's Forget You. Actress Jane Lynch, who plays Sue Sylvester in the all-singing, all-dancing hit TV show, also delighted fans and made a cameo in her signature tracksuit.

16th June 2011

Quote: "I don't see that happening. It feels kind of cheap to me to come out in a tracksuit for the opening number." Actress Jane Lynch insists her mean Glee character Sue Sylvester won't be making an appearance at the Emmy Awards when she hosts in September (11).

13th June 2011

Quote: "The Oscars this year was kind of a mess." Glee star Jane Lynch is keen not to follow Anne Hathaway and James Franco's footsteps when she hosts the Emmy Awards.

13th June 2011

Fact: Glee star Jane Lynch and comedian Bill Maher teamed up on late-night TV on Friday (10Jun11) to perform a live reading of the sex-talk correspondence between shamed politician Anthony Weiner and a Las Vegas blackjack dealer, called Lisa. The sexting led to Weiner taking a photo of his bulging manhood and accidentally tweeting it to fans, friends, family and followers.

28th April 2011

Fact: Glee star Jane Lynch has joined the cast of upcoming movie The Three Stooges as a nun who runs the orphanage where the three brothers stay during their childhood. Chris Diamantopoulos, Will Sasso and Sean Hayes will play Moe, Curly and Larry Fine. Production begins in May (11).

3rd April 2011

Fact: Glee star Jane Lynch is deaf in one ear.

31st March 2011

Quote: "I’m dressing up as David Bowie today. Sue Sylvester is going incognito as David Bowie today. I mean, come on. Who gets this kind of stuff?" Jane Lynch loves playing Sue Sylvester on TV musical Glee.

16th March 2011

Quote: "I named my dog Olivia after her. When I met her I didn't lead with that... She's the nicest person in the world... she emailed me on my birthday, she emailed me when I got married." Actress Jane Lynch on her love for childhood icon Olivia Newton-John.

16th March 2011

Quote: “I have not had any personal experiences that lead me to believe in aliens, but I think we’d be stupid to assume we are by ourselves in this entire universe that seems infinite. To think we’re the only ones sucking air seems egotistical to me. One can only hope that if and when we do make first contact, they are as funny as Seth Rogen." Actress Jane Lynch, who stars in the upcoming alien comedy Paul - opposite Rogen - believes there is life on other planets.

25th January 2011

Quote: "It would have been awful. I would have been a terrible alcoholic. I would have been very swayed by the public's opinion of me. I would have suffered over slights. I would have been seeking revenge. I would have trusted the wrong people. I probably would have had that stereotypical fall." Glee star Jane Lynch is glad she didn't skyrocket to fame at an early age.

15th November 2010

Fact: Actress Jane Lynch was honoured with a special achievement award at the Gay & Lesbian Center's annual gala in Los Angeles on Saturday (13Nov10). Her Glee co-star Matthew Morrison handed her the honour.

8th November 2010

Quote: "She can deliver the goods. She's a quadruple threat. We knew she could act, we knew she was gorgeous, but she sings and dances amazingly well, too! She's so good. You would never know it. You'd think, 'Oh, she's probably going to have to fake her way through it.' Not at all. She's a hoofer!" Actress Jane Lynch has high praise for Gwyneth Paltrow after watching the Oscar winner perform as part of a guest spot on an upcoming episode of hit TV show Glee.

26th October 2010

Quote: "I hope young girls aren't reading GQ. I think anytime you put a woman... in underwear, it makes a lot of other girls and women feel badly about themselves, so it should be done with great consciousness." Glee star Jane Lynch on the ongoing GQ magazine controversy after castmates Dianna Agron and Lea Michele stripped off for a sexy photoshoot.

10th October 2010

Fact: Jane Lynch gave U.S. TV audiences a late night laugh as host of Saturday Night Live at the weekend (09Oct10), when she performed a series of spoofs of her hit TV musical GLEE. The actress opened the comedy sketch show singing a tribute to her cheerleading coach character Sue Sylvester, accompanied by a horn section, back-up dancers and funnyman Fred Armisen on guitar.

8th October 2010

Quote: "It's like seeing yourself dead. You know how you look at someone in a coffin and they're all waxy? It's like looking at yourself at your own funeral." GLEE star Jane Lynch is spooked by her waxwork figure, which was recently unveiled at Madame Tussauds in Hollywood.

8th October 2010

Quote: "I’m going as Don Draper from Mad Men. I love Jon Hamm and I love his performance and I got this suit, I’ve got a silver tie and a white shirt and I’m gonna grease my hair back." GLEE star Jane Lynch on her Halloween plans.

16th September 2010

Fact: GLEE star Jane Lynch, Diablo Cody, and MAD MEN actor Jon Hamm have offered their company at dinner for an upcoming auction to benefit The Adrienne Shelly Foundation.

5th August 2010

Fact: Actress Jane Lynch has been honoured at the Madame Tussauds waxwork museum in Hollywood - she unveiled her own lifelike figure, dressed as her GLEE character SUE SYLVESTER, on Wednesday (04Aug10).

15th July 2010

Fact: GLEE star Jane Lynch, Mark Hamill and Adam West have joined Star Trek icon George Takei among the stars of Cartoon Network's The Super Hero Squad Show. Lynch will voice cartoon character Nebula, West Nighthawk and Takei villain Galactus on the show, while Star Wars star Hamill will have a guest role.

2nd July 2010

Fact: GLEE star Jane Lynch will make a cameo appearance in an upcoming episode of Nickelodeon's hit kids' show ICARLY.

10th June 2010

Quote: "I have an eight-year-old daughter now, and I said in my vows I would get her iCarly tickets." GLEE star Jane Lynch on becoming a stepmother to new wife Lara Embry's daughter.

4th May 2010

Quote: "I can't wait for her to move to Hollywood so that we can start a home together. I'm thrilled. It's an amazing thing. I wake up and pinch myself every morning!" GLEE actress Jane Lynch still can't believe she is set to marry longterm girlfriend LARA EMBRY.

23rd March 2010

Quote: "It's so hard. I pinch myself, I poke my cuticles, I bite my tongue. You have to come up with creative ways." Actress Dianna Agron struggles to keep a straight face when filming GLEE scenes with comedy star Jane Lynch.

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