Jane Lynch says the 'Glee' ''family'' have lost a ''great guy'' in Cory Monteith.

The 53-year-old actress - who plays Sue Sylvester in the hit TV series - is mourning the death of her co-star, who was found dead in his hotel room in Vancouver, Canada, on Saturday (13.07.13) after an overdose on heroin and alcohol.

Talking on the 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno' she said: ''I always admired how he would get up ... you know, he would fly to Mexico, he'd throw parties for his friends. I don't think he left one day unlived. He was a real bright light in our family and we've lost a really great guy.''

The actress thought Cory had one of the ''biggest hearts'' and was gracious about the opportunities 'Glee' gave him.

She added: ''Cory's one of the biggest hearts, was a real bright light. He was one of those guys that ... you know, he knew he was breathing rarified air ... the gifts that this wonderful show gave us.''

Corey's girlfriend and co-star Lea Michele is finding it difficult to come to terms with the tragic loss and is ''inconsolable.''

USWeekly.com report the brunette beauty, who also played his on-screen girlfriend, Rachel Berry, wasn't aware Cory had relapsed into heroin abuse after undergoing rehab in April.

Although Cory played lead character Finn Hudson in 'Glee' it has been confirmed the show will go on with producers calling an emergency meeting to work out the script.

TMZ.com report: ''Glee is definitely not cancelled. If you look at the dollars and cents of the show and that it was very much an ensemble with new kids being added last year when some graduated. It's clear that the show wasn't about one character.''