The duo joined the organisation's Toast the Coast protest to take a stand against issues in British Columbia, including increased tanker traffic, oil sands development and arctic drilling.

Canadian actress MCAdams turned out for the event wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with a campaign slogan and mingled with fellow protesters, while Oscar-winning actress Fonda, who is a prominent activist, made a speech at the event.

Fonda even declared she would let herself be arrested to shine a spotlight on the cause, saying, "If I get arrested it'll bring even more attention to the issue. I hope I get arrested. Committing the rest of my life is no big deal, I don't have that much left. But my grandchildren have a lot left and I want them to be able to feel proud of me, to feel that... I did every single possible thing I could do to make their world a liveable world."

Fonda also took to her blog to discuss the rally, writing, "I came here to add my voice to theirs in opposing Arctic oil, pipelines and increased super tanker traffic in this beautiful part of the world."