Jane Fonda says her self-care routine hasn't "changed at all" amid the pandemic.

The 83-year-old actress has kept up the same regime throughout the coronavirus lockdown by ensuring she gets enough sleep and continues to treat her skin to hydrating skincare.

She told New Beauty: “My self-care hasn’t changed at all. I do the same things I always do. For me, self-care means I wake up feeling OK. It means I’m not hungover; it means I got enough sleep; it means my skin is not dry. In other words, I moisturise, I sleep nine hours a night, and I drink very, very little - never so much that I would have a hangover. I don’t have that many more mornings to waste so I’m very careful.”

'The Book Club' star also recalled how she was told to "rotate" her face creams after her ex-husband Roger Vadim's ex-wife suggested the beauty hack.

She shared: "I like to rotate a lot. And to be perfectly honest, that idea came years and years ago from Catherine Deneuve who had been married to my husband before me. She said that’s what she did - this was in the 60s - and I thought, well if it’s good enough for her.”

Fonda believes the trick has helped her to pay more attention to her skin after causing sun damage over the years.

She added: “I think it benefits my skin. I tend to have dry skin, and as you get older, skin tends to get drier. I really do have to pay a lot of attention to moisturisers. On places where I’ve gotten a lot of sun damage - my chest, my arms, my hands, my lower legs - I use Weleda Skin Food that comes in a green tube. It’s very, very thick, but it really works. I put it on my lower legs and arms, and it disappears immediately - my skin just soaks it up. Interestingly enough, when my make-up artist is making me up for a movie or 'Grace & Frankie' or whatever, he actually puts a little bit of it on a sponge and puts it under my eyes.”