Jane Fonda hopes to become an "example" for young people.

The Hollywood star will celebrate her 85th birthday on December 21, and Jane has urged young people to not fear getting older.

She explained: "I've lived a good life. I've lived a productive and intentional life. And I knew I couldn't make it any longer than it was going to be, but I could make it wider and deeper. And I've done that. I feel like I'm doing that.

"I hope that I can be an example to young people so they won't be afraid of getting older."

Jane is well-known for her environmental activism, and she's determined to do everything she can to help halt climate change.

Speaking to PEOPLE, she explained: "It's going to be rough for young people, and I just want my kids to know and my grandkids to know that I did my best."

Meanwhile, Jane previously admitted that she was "too wrapped up" in her activism during her younger years.

The actress admitted that her passion for activism had an impact on her family life.

Jane - who has kids Mary, 55, Vanessa, 54, and Troy, 49 - said: "I think about [motherhood] every day. It’s the one main thing about my past that I think about almost every day. And I’ll tell you one of the things that’s keying it off is watching my son, who is 47. They just had their first child and he is about a year and a half. And when I watch my son and his wife Simone parent, I’m awestruck.

"It puts into such stark relief for me, what I didn’t do. I don’t think I’ve said this to him, so I feel a little weird, but anyway, that’s the reality.

"Watching my son be a parent, I think, ‘God I just wish I had done that’. And then I realise, if I had done that I would not have become who I became."