Jamiroquai singer Jay Kay has blasted welfare cheats in his native U.K. - insisting they should be forced to "do something for their money".
The Space Cowboy hitmaker is furious he has to pay a high tax rate while thousands of unemployed claim benefits even though they are capable of working.
And he's adamant Britain is no longer a "civilised" country, because ruling politicians are failing to deal with the problem of welfare fraud.
He tells the Sunday Mirror magazine, "I'd make people who sit on their a**es and take benefits but can work get out and do something for their money. Whether it's painting a wall, planting trees, painting over graffiti, they should do something for their local community.
"If people think I'm a w**ker for saying that, remember I'm paying 50 per cent tax, I'm paying for people to do nothing while vulnerable and mentally ill people sleep on the street and poor pensioners who fought for our freedom don't have enough money to keep warm. This isn't a civilised country."