Jamiroquai frontman Jay Kay has blasted Sex Pistols rocker John Lydon, accusing him of becoming a "nuisance" during a long-haul flight to Australia.
The singer was sitting next to Lydon, also known as Johnny Rotten, when he was flying Down Under - and he was infuriated when the controversial star repeatedly passed gas throughout the entire journey.
He tells Britain's The Sun, "He is a f**king nuisance. I was seated next to him on a flight and the whole trip he just kept farting. It was totally foul. He kept saying, 'Oh, that wasn't me' or 'The meal smells a bit off, don't you think?' He drove me insane."
The experience was so bad Jay Kay insists he'd prefer to move to economy class rather than be seated next to Lydon again, adding: "At least I'd be able to breathe a bit. They banned smoking in the air and they should ban farting."