Jamie T finds performing live a ''strain'' on his mental health.

The 28-year-old singer - who has recently returned from a four-year hiatus - finds it difficult to meet people's expectations when he meets fans after gigs.

He said: ''I love playing live but it's a lot to take on, especially as a solo artist. I find it quite a strain on my mental health at times... the way people look at you after shows, the look in their eyes is different.

''Sometimes people just grab you, they assume you're theirs for the taking. I struggle with that sometimes.''

The 'If You Got The Money' hitmaker admits he was nervous about returning to live performance and is ''terrified'' of appearing on stage because of how he feels afterwards.

He said: ''I wanted to play again because it'd been so long. But I'm terrified of playing live now, as I was when I was younger.

''There's generally two types of people onstage I've found. There's people who come off stage in quite a celebratory mood and party, but I get the opposite; I have a f***ing cold come down from the adrenalin.''

Jamie quit touring after promoting 2009's 'Kings and Queens' album because he felt ''worn out''.

He explained to NME magazine: ''I didn't want to play live any more. I was tired and I was worn out and I was worried about my health really.

''I wanted to take time off and work on the record. Obviously that took quite a lot longer than I expected it to.''