British singer Jamie T has been cleared of grievous bodily harm after a jury ruled he punched a man in self-defence.
The Sticks 'N' Stones hitmaker, real name Jamie Treays, admitted hitting Giles Curties, but claimed he was intimidated by the male model after he took his drink from a bar in London last May (10).
Treays told a court he aimed for Curties' head as he "wanted to make sure" the man did not attack him first.
Curties suffered a double jaw fracture and required surgery following the incident.
On Thursday (03Mar11), a jury ruled the singer acted in self-defence and cleared him of the charge, according to Britain's Daily Mirror.
Judge Giles Forrester said, "The defendant told the man that it was his beer. The man replied, 'No, it's not' with a cheeky grin."