Review of If You Got Money Single by Jamie T

Jamie T
If You Got Money
Single Review

Jamie T If You Got Money Single

"OMG!!! LoL Jamie T Is Propa Gud N E is wel fit aswel! LMAO! E plays a base instead of a gitar an e sings like e talks!"

I'm paraphrasing of course, but the above could be an extract from any issue of a certain well-known music weekly from the past year. Luckily, though, Wimbledon's own Jamie T justifies the massive hype, unlike some bands, *cough* The Automatic *cough*

"If You Got Money" is a reggae-inflected slice of quirky pop, about being too skint to take a girl out, that will raise a few smiles as well as fill a few dance floors. The witty lyrics are similar in tone to The Arctic Monkeys, but the delivery and musical range is a bit more fresh, and will probably make Jamie T a more enduring artist, regardless of album sales.

Ben Davis

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