Review of Carry On The Grudge Album by Jamie T

'Carry On The Grudge' is the long awaited third studio album from Jamie T and marks a more downbeat sound for the 28-year-old, who seems to have written the album from where he was at that point of his life. Giving you tracks such as single 'Don't You Find' with its very downbeat, melodic sound which can only be described as beautiful; you can imagine Jamie T in a smoke filled room, a glass of whiskey just spilling out his soul, a side of this young man that we have not yet seen until now. Now that we have, it does send shivers down your spine, especially when the backing singers kick in. The track is truly what the doctor ordered on his return as the first single to promote the album.

Jamie T Carry On The Grudge Album

Do not worry, though, if you are a hardened fan that loved the 'earlier stuff' - there are still glimpses of this here and there. The second single 'Zombie' is ironically upbeat; singing about zombies shouldn't work as a rule, but, as with all Jamie T songs, it does, and the music video to go with it is wicked. Two big thumbs up for both singles, the return of Mr T (Jamie T) is looking like it will be a successful one.

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplistic ones. 'Turn On The Lights' is plain and simple, with Jamie T's spiralling, clever lyrics accompanied by a repetitive beat and a nice guitar hook to finish the job. Keeping on the theme of simplicity, 'The Prophet' feels like Jamie has picked up a guitar and has had a bit of a rant in a jamming session; a bad thing this is not, 'Columbia' from Oasis' 'Definitely Maybe' was created the same way and that is an awesome tune.

There are pick-me-ups on the album that spring into action with the likes of fun song 'Trouble', although the lyrics are telling you "to hold on to what you got, you can lose it", the music remains happy, slightly crazy, in an Arcade Fire style. 'Rabbit Hole' is another example of the quick witty lyrics spouted out by the man himself and this is the track that will have you singing like an idiot in the car while you are bounding down the motorway.

Old or new from Jamie T, it is all good and with 'Carry On The Grudge' Jamie T has managed to find the perfect balance which, with the choice of 150 songs plus, in itself was a tricky task. On a positive, this could mean more music on the way rather than another five year absence.

If you are a fan of this guy, you will not be disappointed. Some songs may need a couple of listens for full absorption, but you will be happy nonetheless, and if you like his stuff on record, get off your backside and go and see him live.


Mark Moore

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