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Jamie T (born Jamie Treays, 8.1.1986) Jamie is an English singer and songwriter from London. He is signed to Virgin Records and has been compared to the likes of Joe Strummer, Billy Bragg and Mike Skinner of The Streets.

Childhood: Jamie T was raised in the Wimbledon area of South London. As a child, he attended the Hall School in Wimbledon and Reed's school in Cobham, Surrey. He left that school at 16.

Music Career: Jamie T released his debut EP, Betty and the Selfish Sons on his own label, Pacemaker Records in 2006. Later on that year, he released another single, 'Salvador'. The song was picked up by BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe, who made the track his Single of the Week. Lowe then gave another track, 'Back in the Game' the honour of being 'Hottest Record in the World'. Jamie T's early career was also aided by another Radio 1 DJ, Jo Whiley. Whiley made 'Back in the Game' her Pet Sound record, earning the track a huge amount of mainstream radio airplay.

Jamie T's next single 'Sheila' (released in July 2006) also received a great deal of radio airtime, especially on the XFM station, as did 'If You Got The Money'. One of two videos made for 'Sheila' shows Bob Hoskins walking along the River Thames, miming along to the song. 'If You Got The Money' was released in October 2006. The track reached number 13 in the UK Singles charts.

'Calm Down Dearest' was released in January 2007, peaking at number nine, making it his first Top Ten hit.

Panic Prevention was Jamie T's debut album. It reportedly got its name from the panic attacks that Jamie suffered when he was growing up. 'Sheila' was re-released in support of the album and the B-side, 'Rawhide' featured Lily Allen on backing vocals. The album was shortlisted for the 2007 Mercury Music Prize but lost out to Klaxons.

At the 2007 NME Awards, Jamie T won the Best Solo Artist award, beating Jarvis Cocker and Thom Yorke to the title.

In May 2007, Jamie T performed at Radio 1's Big Weekend concert in Preston, as well as performing at Glastonbury, Oxegen and Benicassim, amongst other summer festivals.

Jamie T's first US tour took place in September 2007. He appeared on the popular US TV show, Last Call With Carson Daly, performing 'Sheila' live.

In 2009, a new music video appeared on Jamie T's website, for a song entitled 'Fire Fire'. It was also reported that Florence from Florence and the Machine would appear on his sophomore album, entitled Kings and Queens. Jamie's 'Sticks and Stones' EP was announced for a June 29th release.

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Jamie T performs live at the 02 Brixton Academy - London, United Kingdom - Saturday 8th October 2016

Jamie T
Jamie T
Jamie T
Jamie T
Jamie T

Ward Thomas Are The First UK Country Act To Score A Number One Album

Jamie T Barbra Streisand The Shires

Duo Ward Thomas have become the first British country act to top the UK album chart. The homegrown country stars have hit number one this week with their second album Cartwheels and landed themselves in the history books in the process.

Ward ThomasWard Thomas are on top of the UK album chart

Ward Thomas is made up of twin sisters Catherine and Lizzy Ward Thomas from Hampshire. The duo released their first album Where We Stand in 2014, which reached number 41 on the UK album chart.

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Jamie T - Magnolia Melancholia EP Review

It's great to have you back, Jamie. Not many artists could disappear of the face of the earth for a few years and return quite like this. 'Carry on the Grudge', his third album, was another exceptional release from the south London pioneer capped off with two sold out nights at Alexandra Palace.

Jamie T - Magnolia Melancholia EP Review

Now, as the dust begins to settle and fans begin trying to rank the three albums (save yourself some time and don't try - it's impossible) a new EP from Jamie T has landed. If you're after a continuation of 'Carry on the Grudge', you can stop reading now. Aside from opener 'Don't You Find' - which also appears on the album - these songs are yet another diverse, unique and enthralling set from one of the most talented musicians this country has to offer.He's done it before, you know. Some of his best and most underrated songs have appeared on EPs, as b-sides and as unreleased gems. 'Atlantic City' (from the 'Emily's Heart' single release), 'Rawhide' featuring a certain Lily Allen (from the 'Sheila' single release) and the staggering 'St Christopher and The Dance of the Young Professionals' (taken from the 'Sticks 'n' Stones' EP) are all essential Jamie T listening.

The first thing to say about 'Magnolia Melancholia' is that it is classic Jamie T. It's raw, it's rough and completely irresistible. Opening with comeback single 'Don't You Find', the mood is set and the 5 songs that follow (two covers) showcase Jamie T's softer side as well as the energy and power that we have come to expect. 'Riverbed' is an obvious highlight as it builds and builds into a genuine epic, and sits nicely next to title track 'Magnolia Melancholia' which really is Jamie T at his best.

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Kasabian Receive Eight NME Awards Nominations

Kasabian Royal Blood Jamie T NME

As if we didn’t know it already, it’s been a very good year for Kasabian. In addition to a chart-topping album and a headline performance at Glastonbury, the group have been nominated for an impressive eight NME Awards.

The Leicester-based band have become arguably the biggest alternative rock band in Britain over the last decade, and this status is reflected by this massive haul of nominations. The band are in the running for: Best Band; Best Live Band; Best Track and Dance Floor Filler (both for lead single ‘Eez-Eh’); Best Music Film (Kasabian: Summer Solstice); ‘Music Moment of the Year’ (for their Glastonbury performance); Best Fan Community and, perhaps most importantly, Best Album for their fifth record 48:13 which was released back in June.

Kasabian (their lead singer Tom Meighan above) end a fantastic year with 8 NME Award nominations

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Jamie T - Rock City, Nottingham, November 2014 Live Review

While the majority of the time support acts at gigs are merely background music, sometimes there can be pleasant surprises. Tonight at Rock City it is one such occasion as there is an interesting prospect supporting Jamie T.

Jamie T - Live Review

Slaves are an up and coming noise band that you wouldn't usually associate with Jamie T. They are two cheeky fellas from London, who came on stage with the biggest band logo signs that you can actually fit into Rock City. When the duo kicked into action, you noticed two things: the noise, and the fact that there are only two of them making all that noise.

Although it was great to see these guys on stage, there was an initial sense of what have these guys got different to other bands like them? Royal Blood have already burst onto the scene to much acclaim, so Slaves need that something extra - and they certainly deliver. Live, Slaves are full of high energy and have a bit of comedy value about them both in the songs and in between songs. 'Girls Fight' was a great short witty number; so short, in fact, that the band's introduction of the song was actually longer than the song itself. Highlights of Slaves' set list have to be 'Debbie Where's Your Car? ' and 'Cheer Up London'. Certainly a band to keep an eye out for.

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Jamie T - Carry On The Grudge Album Review

'Carry On The Grudge' is the long awaited third studio album from Jamie T and marks a more downbeat sound for the 28-year-old, who seems to have written the album from where he was at that point of his life. Giving you tracks such as single 'Don't You Find' with its very downbeat, melodic sound which can only be described as beautiful; you can imagine Jamie T in a smoke filled room, a glass of whiskey just spilling out his soul, a side of this young man that we have not yet seen until now. Now that we have, it does send shivers down your spine, especially when the backing singers kick in. The track is truly what the doctor ordered on his return as the first single to promote the album.

Jamie T - Carry On The Grudge Album Review

Do not worry, though, if you are a hardened fan that loved the 'earlier stuff' - there are still glimpses of this here and there. The second single 'Zombie' is ironically upbeat; singing about zombies shouldn't work as a rule, but, as with all Jamie T songs, it does, and the music video to go with it is wicked. Two big thumbs up for both singles, the return of Mr T (Jamie T) is looking like it will be a successful one.

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplistic ones. 'Turn On The Lights' is plain and simple, with Jamie T's spiralling, clever lyrics accompanied by a repetitive beat and a nice guitar hook to finish the job. Keeping on the theme of simplicity, 'The Prophet' feels like Jamie has picked up a guitar and has had a bit of a rant in a jamming session; a bad thing this is not, 'Columbia' from Oasis' 'Definitely Maybe' was created the same way and that is an awesome tune.

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Jamie T Signs To Epitaph Records In The US And Releases New Album 'Carry On The Grudge'

Posted on12 September 2014

Jamie T Signs To Epitaph Records In The Us And Releases New Album 'Carry On The Grudge'

Jamie T Autumn 2014 Uk Zombie Tour Announcement

Posted on12 August 2014

Jamie T Autumn 2014 UK Zombie Tour Announcement

Jamie T Announces New Album 'Carry On The Grudge' Released In The Uk 29th September 2014

Posted on22 July 2014

Jamie T Announces New Album 'Carry On The Grudge' Released In The UK 29th September 2014

Jamie T - Chaka Demus

Chaka Demus video from Jamie T

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Jamie T

Jamie T Quick Links

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Jamie T

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8th January, 1986