The actress opened up about her neurological condition earlier this year (16), revealing she was first diagnosed 15 years ago, and she accepts the best way to tackle MS is listening to specialists and living as healthy as possible.

"I have tried, from what I know, every alternative treatment," the actress recently told WebMD. "I went to the Dominican Republic, and I had foetal stem cells injected in my spine for an incredible amount of money. It didn't work. I had this invasive therapy, where they put something in a vein in your thigh and thread it up to your neck. That didn't work.

"I've taken all kinds of pills. I've done all types of diets, all types of mind/body/soul, Eastern/Western (treatments)... You name it, I've tried it."

But she refuses to let the diagnosis affect her life with new husband Cutter Dykstra and their two-year-old son Beau, although she insists running is no longer an option.

"I do Pilates twice a week with a private instructor," she added. "Once in a while, I'll go to a spin class, lock myself in that bike and make it whatever type of class I want... and when I don't eat right, I feel it. So I'm all about juicing, protein shakes, eggs, fruits and veggies. I love roasting vegetables."

And living with MS is a constant reminder she has the condition, stating, "I'm uncomfortable 24/7. I'm always a little stiff, I'm always a little achy. But I've been this way for so long, it's my normal."