Having been part of the music industry for a huge number of years, Jamie Lawson is hard at work on recording his third album. It's set to be released through Ed Sheeran's 'Gingerbread' record label, and Lawson recently sat down with Contact Music to talk about how he first met Sheeran before he was as famous as he is now. 

Jamie Lawson is the first person signed to Ed Sheeran's labelJamie Lawson is the first person signed to Ed Sheeran's label

According to Lawson, the two met several years ago, but he was asked to support Sheeran during his secret Dublin tour last year. He explained "from that, he took me on part of the UK tour and part of the Europe tour, and I think over that time he'd been thinking about making a record label for a while". From there, Lawson continued to say that signing to the label was a "no-brainer".

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"His advice was just 'be yourself'. His main philosophy was 'no one can make a better Jamie Lawson record than Jamie Lawson'" said Lawson, when asked if Sheeran had any words of wisdom for him. "He's someone who's got great taste in music, I think; he's very eclectic. He is a rare solo artist in the fact that he's playing such massive venues, and he really likes what I do so that seemed like a good thing to step in with."

When asked about how the two complimentary stiles worked on stage, Lawson explained: "I think I would be more of the traditional song-based side of what he does, because he's got quite a lot going on with his loops and his rapping and also his songs, and it's quite broad for what he does, and I'm more of a general singer/songwriter. But I think they probably complement each-other well; I hope so, anyway. They seemed to get a very good reaction wherever I've been with so far. His fans tend to like it, so that's good."