Jamie Foxx will use his upcoming comedy special to explain what happened during his health scare.

The 56-year-old star took time out of the public eye last year after being faced with a mystery illness - which struck him when was working on the set of 'Back in Action' along with Cameron Diaz in April - but is planning to explain things in his "own way" when he makes his comeback with a stand-up special.

He told Extra TV: "Everybody wants to know what happened and I'm gonna tell you what happened, but I gotta do it in my way. I'm gonna do it in a funny way. We're gonna be on stage. We're gonna go back to the standup sort of roots."

Jamie then poked fun at the conspiracy theory that he had been replaced by a clone following his hospitalisation as he admitted he was "thankful beyond belief" to be getting back to normal.

He said: "I was drinking some water. Wow, you taste this water, it’s so wet… was it like this before I passed away? I dove out of a car to save a black woman’s purse and I’m taking a picture. That ain’t no damn Jamie. That’s a clone.

"I’m thankful beyond belief."

The 'Ray' actor initially told fans on his Instagram that he is going to get back to comedy as he claimed he had a story to share with his fans.

He posted a video from one of his past stand-up specials that showed him doing an impression of the late musician Prince alongside the caption: “PRINCE singing the ‘Brady Bunch’ theme song was a moment… I’m planning on bringing more moments.

“Going to get on somebody’s stage somewhere near you. I got some jokes, and a story to tell… .”