Jamie Foxx has been photographed with some new body art. The multi talented Actor/Singer/Comedian is no stranger to tattoos having celebrated his 40th birthday by getting a tribal tattoo on the lower crown of his head. The singer, now 42, has recently been photographed with additional markings covering the entirety of his head but it is unclear if the marks are indelible or just temporary.
Various remarks have been made about the actors decision to extend his tattoo collection with some claiming the marks are actually made by intricately cutting hair with a razor to create the design. It is not uncommon for actors and actresses to think twice about having tattoos with the main downside being they have to endure additional hours spent in the makeup chair to hide the body art.
According to Onetheredcarpet.com a spokesman for Jamie has said the new style is for a role in upcoming film Horrible Bosses which is currently filming.
Horrible Bosses is a new comedy directed by Seth Gordon (The King Of Kong) and will see Jamie acting alongside Jennifer Aniston, Colin Farrell, Jason Bateman and Kevin Spacey. The story centres around three employees who want to murder their totalitarian bosses.