Actor Jamie Foxx threatened to fire his employees when he found out they were plotting a surprise birthday party for him.

The Ray star turned 45 last Thursday (13Dec12) and spent his big day in New York, where he has been promoting new movie Django Unchained.

His family, including his young daughter, were on the trip, and helped arranged a secret party, but Foxx did everything he could to foil the plan.

The actor questioned his employees about his suspicions and he threatened to sack them when they refused to divulge any details about the party.

He tells U.S. Tv host Jay Leno, "They surprised me and I hate surprises and I was trying to figure it out - I had people, I was questioning them like they had just done (sic) a crime, 'What's up, leak it!'. My little daughter set me up, she's four years old so they knew I couldn't really go at her, I couldn't crack her... she was like, 'You don't scare me'.

"We were in New York, (they said) we were going to see the Spider-Man play cos she loves Spider-Man but I was hungry and so I was trying to get some food and they said the car wasn't coming and I said are y'all trying to sneak something on me cos you know I'm gonna fire everybody...

"Then the next thing you know she (my daughter) changes and says she wants to go bowling and I'm thinking this is taking up my whole birthday but it's my little daughter so it's cool. So we're riding (in the car) and we get to... it looks like a club and I'm like why is my four year old trying to get into a club. I was so hungry I couldn't really function, I said well maybe there is a bowling alley down here in this club and we go down there and my whole family's down there and they actually surprised me, it was great."