Jamie Foxx was sunning it up in Dubrovnik, Croatia this week when he found himself at the receiving end of a vicious racist onslaught while out dining at a restaurant. The matter has since been dealt with, and the actor hasn't let it spoil his trip.

Jamie FoxxJamie Foxx enjoys Croatia despite racist attack

The star is shooting 'Robin Hood' in the southern Croatian city and is clearly enjoying what the country has to offer. However, a dinner out on Sunday (February 19th 2017) saw him apparently subjected to a series of racial slurs from a pair of middle-aged male patrons. Foxx caught some of the incident on film before the men were escorted off the premises and shared with his Instagram in a series of later deleted posts.

He claimed that the perpetrators were drunk and called him 'crncuga' (the Croatian word for 'n***er'). According to Total Croatia News, they were insulting a number of fellow diners and staff members and the police quickly acted with the intention of filing misdemeanour charges for disturbing the public order.

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Jamie soon decided to forget about the incident, and replaced the videos with that of himself enjoying the hospitality of where he was staying, sipping champagne in his 'castle' overlooking the ocean. 'I'm out here in Croatia, it's crazy', he said. 'I'mma tell you right now, for a young boy from Turrell, this is just blowing my mind just a little bit. I've seen a lot of sh** but this right here... I'm all the way from Turrell, Texas, don't tell me your dreams can't come true.'

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The actor is currently filming for the 'gritty' re-boot of 'Robin Hood', in which he will play Little John. Taron Egerton will play the titular character in this new project from director Otto Bathurst ('Peaky Blinders', 'Black Mirror', 'Hustle'). It is set for release on March 23rd 2018.