For some stars, big award shows like the Grammys offer the chance to announce a new relationship, but Jamie Foxx stood out last night, walking the red carpet alongside his daughter Corine. The 46-year-old father of two introduced his nearly 20-year-old "seed" to the world while being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest for E!. The term is a bit cringe-worthy, but it was otherwise a sweet moment, with Foxx clearly bursting with fatherly pride, as he gushed about his daughter. Fox admitted that his daughter is indeed "growing up, trying to stay young, but she's doing her thing.”

Jamie Foxx, Canon Project Imagination
Foxx usually walks the red carpet solo.

Of course, the topic quickly turned to Corinne’s dating history, at which point she explained: "He likes to pretend to be really strict in the beginning and then he just becomes friends with them. So he does the dad rule and then he just plays it cool."

Since it was, after all, the Grammys, Foxx (the elder one) also revealed a bit of his musical taste – apparently he is a fan of Macklemore, who picked up four awards during the show – Best New Artist, as well as all the rap categories – performance, song and album. Add to that some validation from Jamie Foxx and it must have been a huge night for the rapper.

"He came out a little nervous because that room was big," Foxx said of the rap star, who, along with Ryan Lewis, had already won the award for Best New Artist. "But he came out honest, and he was great. I like when a person gets the chance to perform in that room because myself and Kanye [West] launched on that room."

Macklemore, Grammy Nominations Concert
Apparently Foxx is a Macklemore fan.