Funnyman Jamie Foxx missed out on partying with America's basketball champions at the Olympics last month (Aug12) - because he couldn't convince officials to let him and his daughter through to the sports stars' dressing room after they beat Spain to win gold.
The Oscar winner reveals he blagged his way to the game after deciding to take his daughter to the Olympics in London at the last minute, during a pre-college European vacation - but even his celebrity couldn't get him up close and personal with superstars like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony.
He explains, "Luckily they got some tickets for us, but I didn't have transportation, so I just used the face to get everything... I just went to wherever the Olympics were going on... and there was all these rows of BMWs with the Olympics (rings) on and I just jumped in (one of) those joints.
"I got my head out the car, so they know that it's Jamie Foxx. We finally get there and we checked out the Usa play against Spain."
But that's where the fun ended.
He adds, "I didn't have no wristbands (sic)... and they're serious about the bands. (They were like), 'I know who you are, but...'"