Jamie Foxx has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman at a restaurant.

The 'Ray' actor allegedly inappropriately touched a fan at Catch NYC in August 2015, according to a complaint filed in New York Supreme Court on Wednesday (22.11.23).

According to documents obtained by People magazine, the alleged victim, who is identified only as Jane Doe, claimed she and a friend approached the 55-year-old star's table at around 1am to ask for a picture and Foxx called her "baby" as he agreed to take "several photographs".

The woman claimed the 'Burial' actor "seemed intoxicated" and complimented her on her "supermodel body" before grabbing her by the arm and pulling her to the back area of the rooftop.

Once they were in a secluded area, Doe alleged the actor - whose real name is Eric Bishop - “placed both of his hands on her waist, moved them under her ‘crop top’ and began rubbing her breasts.”

She said she attempted to move away and spotted a security guard “some distance away who saw what was happening but walked further away" but Foxx then allegedly put his hands down her pants, only to stop touching her when the alleged victim's friend came outside.

The documents allege the woman“injured [and] was rendered sick, sore, lame and disabled; [and] was caused to undergo medical treatment and advice.”

In addition, she claimed the alleged incident left her "unable to pursue her usual and regular activities; was caused to undergo great conscious pain and suffering, continues to undergo such, and will permanently be affected by the injuries and emotional distress she incurred as a result of the sexual assault, abuse, assault and battery.”

She is seeking damages for pain and suffering, economic loss as well as punitive damages.

The case was filed on the last day of New York's Adult Survivors Act, which offered a one-year window that allowed victims of sexual assault over the age of 18 to take action against their alleged abuser and, if applicable, any institution that harboured them, no matter when the incidents occurred.