Jamie Foxx was left red-faced the first time he brought his teenage daughter to his Texas hometown - because city officials had misspelled a banner welcoming the star.
The Ray star was recently honoured with a parade in his native Terrell, Texas and Foxx was proud to bring his now 14-year-old daughter Corinne to see where he grew up.
But Foxx admits he was forced to play down his embarrassment when welcoming officials had failed to correct an obvious spelling mistake in a banner celebrating his return.
He recalls, "If anybody knows Terrell, it's a good country town... The first time I took my daughter with me to Terrell, we were driving in and they spelled 'Congratulations' wrong. It was like, 'Congradulations' with a 'D'. I said, 'Baby, don't worry about it. That's just Terrell.'"