With Jamie Foxx’s heavily rumoured inclusion in The Amazing Spiderman 2, we’ve racked our brains, and think he’ll do well to get into this top 5 of superhero villains with his mooted role as Electro.

Micky Rourke as Whiplash – Iron Man 2

Recent years have seen the super-villain adopt a more organic style. Rourke’s raw physique is imposing, as is his acting in Iron Man 2. His weaponry is simple but effective, and he lacks the thickset body armour, making his gung-ho antics seem all the more daunting. He’s certainly one not to be taken lightly.

Tom Hardy as Bane – Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

Tom Hardy’s beefed up performance as Bane adheres to the style of villain we saw with Rourke’s whiplash. He’s physically imposing rather than supplemented with super-powers, but alien enough to scare, with his pain reducing mask that distorts his voice almost out of recognition.

Heath Ledger as The Joker – Batman: The Dark Knight

Having died at the tender age of 28, Heath Ledger's performance as The Joker – perhaps the most famous of the Batman villain’s – is special. But if he were still alive today, we’re confident his turn as the sadistic psycho would still be held in such high esteem; it was simply that good.

Danny Devito as The Penguin - Batman Returns

Another Batman one, we know, but Devito’s performance as The Penguin was so disgusting, perverse, delightful and ultimately memorable, we had to get it in. Besides, the Batman story has manifested itself cinematically better than any other comic book hero, hence the monopoly on this list.

Gene Hackman as Lex Luther - Superman: The Movie

All right fine we put one from the 70’s in here for posterity, but Gene Hackman’s turn as Lex was a fine one indeed. Far from slapping homeless people around, Hackman is still celebrated as a fine actor, if not a hardman. His slow-burn skills were evident, though, as he portrayed the criminal mastermind with finesse and guile. 

What do you think? Let us know your Top 5 below, and if you think Jamie Foxx will make a good Electro, too.